Board revisited

As Instagram gets more and more important in publishing any musical stuff, I'm not so good in caring for my blog anymore. On Instagram you find me as "karlausderkiste". For now, a small update-pic of my board:


Many things going on...

As both a daddy of three wonderful kids and a passionate musician there are many things going on. In the past I mainly focused on band work... and I even had much more time to blog. Anyway - I'm still on lulling sounds fire recreating my pedal board after having played for a few years with a Line6 M13.
Why did I change my setup?
Well, I came to the conclusion that in the fast moving digital age for me it is the best to concentrate on a classical pedalboard again. This gives me the opportunity to change certain pedals whenever I'd like to. Back to the roots somehow.
I'm stoked to present my rearranged pedalboard. I can plug in two electrics at the same time using the Lehle Split to select either the Les Paul or the Strat. The Strats signal gets pushed by the MXR MC401 to reach the same output as the LP.
The SansAmp DI-Out is my way to use the board with an acoustic guitar with Piezo System. Sounds way better.


The Cabinet

Having a family with almost three kids, working in two different places and having moved to a new place kind of doesn't let you do things you did before. For example caring for your blog...
I didn't stop making music, no.
I feel like making more music than ever. And that's awesome!
My latest thing to present to you: THE CABINET!

Solid rock and roaring guitars with female rock singer. Better check it out!


Alright folks. I just completed and checked my brand new setup. Sometimes it's worth renewing old patch cables, rethinking and improving the effects chain and having a whole lotta fun with lulling sounds. Totally stoked and happy about the board and stuff.

Big sky

It's almost been years since I posted anything. So I'm back with a new member of my pedalboard. My wife finally allowed me to buy the Big Sky of Strymon. Amazing reverb, unbelievable sounds, just awesome.


Guitar Workshop

In the past weeks I've been pretty busy. A few days ago I finally managed to do an electric guitar workshop. It was about how to play the electric in the postmodern church. Delay, Reverb, PLIM - just to mention some important words we defined.